"My books are reflections of my journey into the world of tech,

& these will break your barrier of getting into coding & next-gen tech"

. . . Tanmay Bakshi

Who's Tanmay

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Tanmay is a 16-year-old Canadian author,
TED & Keynote Speaker,
AI / Machine Learning Architect,
Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning.
He's also been IBM Champion for Cloud and an IBM Honorary Cloud Advisor.

Tanmay is the host of Live Shows such as
Tech Time with Tanmay,
Tech Life Skills with Tanmay
and Watson Made Simple with Tanmay

Tanmay has addressed over 200,000 executives,
developers and audience worldwide at
conferences, schools, colleges and universities.

Tanmay has keynoted for organisations like, United Nations,
NASSCOM, Linux Foundation, Apple, SAP, IBM, KPMG,
and Walmart to name a few.

His YouTube channel called "Tanmay Teaches" is where he shares
his research and knowledge with audiences of all ages.

He has had the honour of being the recipient of
the Life Mentor Award by the Hon. Lt. Governor of Manitoba,
at the Creative Foundation, Winnipeg
Twilio Doer Award, Knowledge Ambassador Award,
and Global Goodwill Ambassador at LinkedIn.

More info about Tanmay will be available soon . . .

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