"AI is like magic, it doesn't really exist, it's about the illusion.

That's why I like to call it "Augmented Intelligence"

. . . Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay's TED & Keynote Speeches

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TED@IBM San Francisco, California
Technology that tackles the teen suicide epidemic
December 2017; duration: 9m:24s
TEDx Cincinnati, Ohio
13 Year Old on a Mission - to Connect the Disconnected w/AI
June 2017; duration: 6m:39s
Keynote: Linux Foundation, Los Angeles
Open-Sourced Inspiration
- The Present and Future of Tech - AI

September 2017; duration: 20m:07s
Keynote: Tomorrow's India Global Summit 2018, New Delhi
Let's Start With I
October 6, 2018; duration: 19m:23s
Keynote: SME Beyond Borders, Dubai
AI / ML for SME
November 9, 2017; duration: 27m:04s
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