"My goal is to assist at least 100,000 youth and aspiring beginners

to innovate through next-genearation technology"

. . . Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay's YouTube Tuturials

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Playlist: none; Title: Introduction
Tanmay Teaches
October 2015, duration: 0m:45s
Playlist: Science & Technology
Title: Mastering the game of 2048 with AlphaZero
Keywords: Bot playing the game of 2048
April 29, 2020; duration: 01Hr
Playlist: Tanmay Teaches: Swift
Title: Learning Brand-new SwiftUI from scratch: Movie Recommendation App!
Keywords: SwiftUI; iOS Development; Reactive Programming Paradigm
June 16, 2019; duration: 01h:06m:04s
Playlist: Tanmay Teaches: Algorithms
Title: The Impact of Overfitting your Neural Networks! (Early Stopping Algorithm)
Keywords: Overfitting; Artificial Neural Networks; Gradient Descent; Machine Learning
January 31, 2017; duration: 10m:59s
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